Crystal Quartz Stone Benefits

You Will know about Clear Quartz and its benefits. We will also told you how to use and who can wear it.

What is Clear Quartz?

Clear Quartz is also known as Crystal Quartz or Rock Crystal. It is a natural form of silicon dioxide and is a 10th Anniversary gemstone.

Clear Quartz Associations

  • Birthstone – April
  • Zodiac – All birth signs
  • Element – All (Earth/Fire/Air/Water)
  • Vibration – Number 4
  • Typical colours – Pure Quartz is colourless or white

Healing with Clear Quartz

♥ Harmony ♥ Energy ♥ Healing ♥ Psychic abilities ♥ Clarity ♥ Calmness

Clear Quartz is known as the “master healer” and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. Clear Quartz draws off negative energy of all kinds, neutralising background radiation, including electromagnetic smog or petrochemical emanations. It balances and revitalises the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Cleanses and enhances the organs and subtle bodies and acts as a deep soul cleanser, connecting the physical dimension with the mind. Clear Quartz enhances psychic abilities. It aids concentration and unlocks memory. Stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance. Clear Quartz (Crystal Quartz, Rock Crystal) harmonises all the chakras and aligns the subtle bodies.

How to Wear Clear Quartz

  • You must wear clear quartz in your first finger or ring finger.
  • Every one can use it. it has no side effect.
  • Suitable day to wear crystal quartz is Monday, Thursday and Sunday (important respectively).
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