Yellow Sapphire 3.15ct


Name: Yellow Sapphire

Size: 9.50 x 8.30 x 3.75

Origin : African

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Yellow Sapphire astrological benefits
Yellow Neelam Stone (variety of Corundum crystal species) is called Pukhraj in Hindi.

Yellow Sapphire symbolism is related with Jupiter. Hence, it is a very commanding and useful stone. Anyone can wear blue Sapphire it does not have any side effects. Moreover, Jupiter is the sense of Education, Career, Marriage and Children. Strong Jupiter confirms Good Education, Good lifestyle and Good family Life. A weak Jupiter can result in break in education, frequent job change, delay in marriage, love life, Unhappy family life or delay in children. A person with weak Jupiter also faces economic strain and sensitive uncertainty. If you have any of the problems mentioned above, then you must wear yellow sapphire. You can buy yellow sapphire at our online store.

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