Topaz Stone Benefits

  • Topaz is called Pukhraj in Urdu. Following are some main benefits of topaz gemstone.
  • Bring mental relaxation and release tension.
  • Also worn to increase the wealth (you can also keep white or golden topaz in your locker for betterment of your financial matters.)
  • It helps to increase fame in public; therefore many actors, poet and lawyer wear it.
  • It helps to increase the abilities and efficiency of a person in his career.
  • Create a balance in emotions.
  • Create a sense of love and harmony in rude person.
  • It is helpful for skin diseases, jaundice, tuberculosis, cough and bones problems.
  • The person who is facing problems to find life partner, he should wear a topaz ring.

Health Benefits of a Topaz

  • A topaz provides relief in health problems like blood disorders, vision problems, indigestion, hemorrhage, etc.
  • It is also believed to cure gall bladder stone, arthritis, and rheumatism
  • A blue topaz can give relief from throat problems
  • A yellow topaz gemstone is said to cure liver disorders and jaundice
  • Also, yellow topaz has shown some great results in providing relief from conditions like cold, cough, fever, etc.
  • When it comes to improving the mental health of the wearer, a yellow topaz can calm the mind and treat mental ailments, anxiety, depression and may even provide freedom from suicidal tendencies

Astrological Benefits of a Topaz

  • This stone also boosts the thinking ability of the wearer, helping them make rational decisions.
  • Suitable for both, men and women, a topaz gem is believed to provide intelligence and intellect to a man and happiness to a woman.
  • It may also prove beneficial in controlling aggression, anger and in reducing fears.
  • While a golden Topaz may bring energy, a clear or colorless topaz is believed to heal the soul of the wearer.
  • An incredible astrological benefit of a yellow topaz is that it is said to relax and calm the mind, making the wearer happy and content.
  • The yellow topaz is also believed to remove negative energies, warding off the feelings of regrets and anguish.
  • Along with the benefits mentioned above, the beautiful yellow variant of topaz is also known to make a person more generous, honest, dedicated and sincere.

How to use

Topaz should wear in first finger of right hand. It must be use Thursday (First time) and must gave sadqa.

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